About Nairalance Jobs

What is Nairalance Jobs

Nairalance Jobs is an online freelance and outsourcing marketplace for individuals and business looking to outsource a variety of jobs, tasks and errands to skilled individuals interested in part time work anywhere in Nigeria.

How to POST a job on Nairalance
  1. Post a job, it’s free
    Provide as much detail as possible in your job title and description to enable contractors make an appropriate bid. Add required skills that are relevant to the job as this will be used to contact contractors with the same skills.
    Click here to post a job.
  2. Choose a contractor
    Find the right contractor for the job via the job’s page, check their profiles, discuss and interview them by chatting in realtime with your bidders. Contractors cannot contact you until you start a conversation with them. Award the job and let your contractor work for you.
  3. Fund your account

    To fund a job, use the Payin page to make deposit into your account. You will need a positive account balance to make escrow payments.
  4. Create escrow payments
    All payments to contractors are through escrows held by Nairalance on behalf of the contractor. This ensures that funds are only released when you are satisfied. Create an escrow for the contractor to start work and as work progresses according to your goals.
  5. Receive job deliverables and release payment

    Receive and examine job deliverables from the contractor and release escrow payments only when work has been satisfactorily done or on completion.
  6. Review the Contractor
    Provide a feedback for the contractor regarding work completed via our ratings and reviews system. The average of the all ratings plus all reviews for a contractor are visible on the contractors profile page.
How to BID on a job on Nairalance
  1. Browse latest jobs
    Keep up with the latest jobs on Nairalance by checking the latest jobs page. We also send out emails when jobs that match your skills are posted on the platform.
  2. Submit a bid on a job

    Review job details and post a bid specifying the amount you are willing to accept for the job, delivery time and percentage of total amount (mobilisation fee) that you would like in escrow if the job is awarded to you.
  3. Accept a job

    After reviewing all bids, the employer may contact you to discuss the job details and possibly award the job to you. Make sure that an escrow payment has been created before accepting any job. You will be charged a contractor fee once you accept a job.
  4. Deliver the job and receive escrow payments

    Be as professional as possible. Work on the job and provide the job’s deliverables as fast as possible and receive your escrow payments.
  5. Write a Review on the Employer

    Provide a feedback for the employer regarding work completed via our ratings and reviews system. The average of the all ratings plus all reviews for an employer will visible on the employers profile page.
  6. Request a payout

    Use the Payout page to request a payout to your bank account.