About Nairalance Services

What is Nairalance Services

Nairalance Services is an online marketplace for micro tasks and services offered by sellers anywhere in Nigeria.


What services can I post?

Accepted services range from article writing, fashion, makeup, graphics design, marketing, programming, local errands, etc.

Anything legal that you can earn income from, you post it, we’ll publish it for free, and anyone can order the service from you.

How to SELL a service on Nairalance
  1. Post a Service
    Tell us what you can do and how much you charge via Nairalance Services
  2. Advertise your Service

    Tell your potential Buyers about your service on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  3. Wait for Orders
    Start a conversation with the Buyer to discuss the requirements via Nairalance Messages as soon as you receive an order.
    No other form of contact or communication is allowed.
  4. Request Escrow Payment
    To ensure that you will get paid for your service, ensure that the Buyer has created an Escrow Payment for the order before you accept.
  5. Deliver the Service

    Work and deliver the service within the specified time and ask the Buyer to release the Escrow Payment.
  6. Get Paid

    We will credit your Nairalance account whenever the Buyer releases an Escrow Payment to you.
  7. Write a Review
    Rate and review the Buyer via Nairalance Reviews
  8. Request a Payout

    Request a withdrawal from your Nairalance Account to your bank account via Nairalance Payouts


How to BUY a service on Nairalance
  1. Find a Service
    Check the latest services available on Nairalance Services
  2. Order a Service
    Order the service you are interested in and wait for the seller to contact you via Nairalance Messages.
    No other form of contact or communication is allowed.
  3. Fund a Service
    Make a deposit via Nairalance Payins and create an Escrow Payment for your order.
    This payment is held by Nairalance for the Seller, pending the delivery of the service.
  4. Track progress
    Track the Seller's progress as soon as the order is accepted via Nairalance Messages.
  5. Release Payment
    The Seller only get's paid when you release a previously created Escrow Payment.
  6. Write a Review
    Rate and review the Seller's work via Nairalance Reviews