i will Groom your child from the point of weakness to the point of strength in skills and academics

Service Details
Every child is special and therefore they deserve special attention. Classroom studies are great but then some kids need private tutoring away from the public studies for proper assimilation and excellence.

This Summer! Trained and specialised Tutors are available for every child, for the subject they consider their least favourite or dislike in order to brush them up before the next session begins, helping them get better and standout in such subjects or skill from a point of weakness to strength

The following subjects and skill developments are available:
1. Mathematics
2. English
3. Reading skill development
4. Spellings development
5. Phonetics articulation
6. Dance
7. Writing skills: poem, story, spoken words, songs, rap etc
8. Creative Art
9. Music
10. Drama/movie
Delivery time
2 days
Escrow required
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