i will teach you how to make over 50 lightening/whitening skin and body care products

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I will teach you how to make toning, lightening and whitening products. What i will teach you includes:
Kamana Egyptian milk lotion, Moroccan whitening cream, Filipino whitening cream, Thailand whitening cream, Egyptian magic cream and lotion, Organic whitening cream, Organic exfoliating cream, body butter for adults, Half caste whitening cream, Anti-aging cream, Lightening body butter, Moisturizing cream, Hot chocolate cream, baby glowing butter, skin glow lotion, Night cream for radiant skin, Peppermint lotion for glowing skin, Whitening face cream (morning), whitening face cream (night), Pink lips balm, pink lips scrub, Moisturizing lip balm, Whitening shower gel, Whitening herbal soap, Toning herbal soap, non-toning herbal soap, exfoliating black soap, exfoliating body soap, lavender soap for babies, black soap for all skin types, cocoa glowing soap, goat milk Lightening soap, kojic bar soap, dark knuckle/knee/elbows/feet cream, Sunburn repair serum, sunburn repair cream, Varicose vein cream, Pimples and acne cream, Pimple cleanser, Hyperpigmentation/Dark spot cleanser, Face cleanser, Whitening face cleanser, dark circle under eye cream, Toners/peel, body glowing oil, body treatment oil, talking oil (super whitening oil), half caste oil, Egyptian Whitening oil, Moroccan Whitening oil, Toning serum, Anti-Wrinkle serum, Anti-aging oil, Stretch mark cream, scrub and oil, Whitening body scrub, Face scrub and facial masks, etc!Get this package before July 30 for freebies!
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