i will Virtual and administrative tasks for you in your desired time frame.

Service Details
I am currently an undergraduate and since I am eager to learn, I am sure that I can handle the work just the way you want me to.

Precisely, my skills lie in effectively responding to emails and phone calls, to provide information or assist with problems. As someone organized and resourceful, I can handle reservations, travel arrangements, and accommodation management. I recently graduated with honors at African Leadership Virtual Assistant programme. Also, I am well-versed in:

1) Performing market research
2) Creating research reports for information purposes
3) Organizing executive calendars
4) Preparing spreadsheets
4) Handling data entry work
5) Responding to emails
And other virtual assistant skills.

If hired as a virtual assistant, I can efficiently type documents, take notes, and schedule and follow up with meetings as well. Additionally, I possess some knowledge of marketing and sales, allowing me to manage blogs, and social media accounts for your organization.
Delivery time
2 days
Escrow required
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