i will provide virtual assistant skills.

Service Details
Welcome to my service.

I'm Emmanuel, a freelancer specialize in providing virtual assistant skills to any client 24/7.

Who is a virtual assistant?
A virtual assistant is a person who offers administrative support for you and your business.

My skills as a virtual assistant:
1. Data entry
2. Email management
3. Calendar management
4. Travel research
5. Web search
6. Google workspace tools

My experience as a virtual assistant
I acquired Virtual assistant skills from the African Leadership(ALX) VA course where we were taught how to work for clients and anticipate client's needs as well as the tools and skills to employ. Then as a virtual assistant in training, I engaged in emails and calendar management, hotel booking, travel research, entry and exit regulations, taking minutes and how to use google workspace tools to achieve all these.

Also, to add I'm
1. Prompt
2. Organized
3. Able to work under pressure
4. Proactive
5. Resilient and;
6. Confidential
Delivery time
2 days
Escrow required
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